Duratrax is a leading manufacturer of radio control vehicles, parts and accessories.

Get the most out of your electric cars and trucks—no matter what your aspirations and budget are—with the quality and affordability of Duratrax batteries. As a leader in R/C racing, Duratrax delivers what today’s driver demands… high performance, at a competitive price. So do yourself—and your models—a favor, and check out the lineup of Duratrax sport and racing power sources today!  For anyone who wants more run time and performance, there’s no better time to move up to LiPo power. They’re great buys for racing, sport, RTR upgrades and more. But they’re great for more than just affordability; they also offer you a huge range of application options.

Whether you want a charger that can handle just NiCds and NiMHs, LiPos alone or every hobby battery you own, you can find an Onyx charger with the features and value you want.

Tires & Wheels
DuraTrax Performance Tires deliver top-end traction — and construction tough enough to keep ’em on track and racking up laps long after your competition has limped to the pits.

All motors are factory-tested under light and typical load conditions to ensure that current flow, rpm, power band, sensors and performance are up to spec!  Each one offers all the features of more expensive motors for less — and the gritty durability required to keep performance at its peak for a long time to come

Finishing Equipment:
When you need paint for your projects, depend on Duratrax. Custom-blended in all of the most popular colors, these durable paints deliver excellent coverage and spray patterns for polycarbonate R/C car bodies. Whether you need to loosen a nut, tighten a bolt or take the whole thing apart, tool cases offer by Duratrax have you covered.

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