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Traxxas Battery Pack 7600mAh 7.4V 2C 25C LiPo - 2869X

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This is the Traxxas Power Cell 7600mAh 7.4V 2C 25C LiPo Battery with iD Technology. Traxxas' Power Cell LiPo Batteries have been designed to provide your vehicles with a degree of speed, acceleration, and power that simply can't be matched by other brands of batteries. Optimized for expansive power and a stronger punch, this Power Cell battery comes complete with superior quality low-resistance cells, flexible silicone-jacketed 12AWG wire, heavy-duty welded tabs, and a Traxxas gold plated high-current connector with integrated balance plug.

All of these great features are packed together using a unique manufacturing process that produces a firm, tough, and dense pack that doesn't require a hard case to protect it from damage. This unique shell means Power Cell LiPo's are able to provide greater capacity while taking up less chassis real estate than comparable batteries, as well as enabling you to easily keep an eye on the condition of your battery. When using a hard-cased battery pack, a cell puffing up or softening due to damage or abuse can go unnoticed, but with this semi-rigid construction, you can see and feel the change in the pack for yourself. This unique casing also lets Traxxas solder the connector directly to the cells, eliminating extra resistance from bullet connectors and the possibility of wire harness connectors coming loose over time.

All Traxxas Power Cell batteries come equipped with Traxxas' own iD Auto Battery Identification Technology, the safe and uncomplicated way to charge your iD-enabled batteries. All it takes is plugging your iD-enabled battery into the EZ-Peak charger and it will automatically configure and optimize the charge settings for your battery. Thanks to Traxxas' high-current connector with integrated balance connector, you don't have to fiddle with external balance boards or fragile balance wires and connectors. You no longer have to be a battery expert or navigate complicated menus to get the best charge for your batteries, just plug your battery in, press a button, and the charger does all the work for you!

1x Traxxas Power Cell 7600mAh 7.4V 2C 25C LiPo Battery with Traxxas Connector

EZ-Peak Plus 4-amp NiMH/LiPo Fast Charger with iD™ Auto Battery Identification.
LiPo charging bag.


  • iD Auto Battery Identification
  • Semi-rigid construction
  • Oversized discharge tabs
  • MAXX 12AWG multi-strand low-resistance wire
  • Connector soldered directly to the LiPo cells
  • Traxxas high-current connector with gold-plated copper terminals and integrated balance connector
  • Engineered specifically to fit Traxxas models


Configuration: 2S2P
Continuous Discharge: 25C (190A)
Max Burst Rate: 50C (380A)
Watt Hours: 56.24
Charge Rate: 1C (7.6A)
Max Charge Rate: 2C (15.2A)
Dimensions: 6.1 x 0.98 x 1.8" (155 x 25 x 45mm)
Weight: 13.2 oz. (375g)