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Traxxas Mounted Aluminum Wheelie Bar Tires/Wheels (2) - 5186

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This is a pair of Traxxas machined aluminum ball bearing wheels with rubber tires. The tires are constructed of black rubber with TRAXXAS written in white on the sidewalls with red anodized aluminum wheels.

Traxxas now offers an impressive set of red and blue-anodized machined aluminum wheelie bar wheels with rubber tires. The precision 6061-T6 aluminum wheels ride on rubber-sealed 5x8mm ball bearings. For controllable and seemingly never-ending wheelies, Traxxas developed a durable, soft compound rubber tire that reduces side-to-side movement for stable, consistent wheelies. The rubber tires are available separately and they also install on the stock nylon wheels.


  • Two rubber tires
  • Four 5x8mm ball bearings
  • Two axles
  • Two wheels

Attaching to wheelie bar