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Traxxas TRX 2.5R Racing Engine with Recoil Pull Start - 5207R

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This is the Traxxas 2.5R Racing Engine with IPS (Integrated Pilot Shaft) and Pull-Start.  For use in all Traxxas vehicles that use the TRX 2.5 engine. This engine is a .15 engine. The 2.5 refers to a measurement of Cubic centimeter displacement compared to Cubic Inch displacement (.15).


  • Slide carburetor provides less restrictive, straight through airflow for more power and better throttle response.
  • PowerTune head is machined from aluminum which promotes even heat distrubution for stable engine tempatures and rock-solid tuning.
  • New sleeve for improved engine efficiency and better power.
  • Molded head proctector prevents damage to the head and secures the glow plug wire.
  • Ultra-low restriction air filter provides superior air flow and filtration for more power and a long engine life.
  • Offset wrist pin further reduces piston slide loading for more even cylinder wear, and longer engine life.


  • One 2.5 (0.15cu in) Engine with Pull Starter w/flywheel nut
  • One 90 degree air filter (includes base for upright mounting)
  • One 22 chapter Engine Set-up DVD
  • One Owners manual/instruction booklet
  • One bottle of air filter oil
  • One Decal sheet
  • One pre-installed glow plug


Displacement:0.15 cu in (2.49cc)
Crankshaft Thread: 5mm (.197")
On-Center Mounting Holes, Front to Rear: 11mm (.433")
On-Center Mounting Holes, Side to Side: 31.4mm (1.24")
Back of engine (recoil) to front of drive washer: 73.2mm (2.88")
Height: 97.3mm (3.83")
Inner Exhaust Port Diameter:  9.9mm (.392")
Outer Exhaust Port Diameter: 13.0mm (.512")

Note:  The TRX 2.5R (REVO) engine has a different cylinder head, crankcase,and sleeve than the TRX 2.5. All of the upgrade parts from the TRX 2.5R will fit on the TRX2.5