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Jconcepts Fuzz Bite Low Profile 4wd Front Tire, for 2.2" 4wd Buggy Front Wheel, Pink Compound (2) - JCO3108010

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The Fuzz Bite front tire is built on on a super low-profile carcass. The low stance provides quick transition at high-speed, and minimizes side-wall deflection and roll. The pin is specially built in a reverse "water tower" shape, with the larger base at the bottom and narrowing at the top for precision. Pins are placed in a radius and repeated to dig deep into office carpet or tight knit CRC carpeting.

The alternating rows of pins provides side-bite and increased steering response to give your racing vehicle a nimble feel. The arrangement of the pins promotes good wear characteristics and longevity. The Fuzz Bite incorporates a small radial rib on the outside, with an angular cross to give consistent cornering, mid-corner steering, and improved forward acceleration.

A unique feature on the Fuzz Bite is the scalloped tire bead, which removes a lot of weight from a normally beefy area. During the gluing process, it is handy to have some breathing room for the glue process, and this shape gives many edges and ledges to adhere to.

The JConcepts tires include open cell, medium inserts for plush control. The 2.2" mounting diameter fits to popular 4wd wheels.


  • JConcepts original design, details, and materials
  • Low profile carcass layout
  • Reverse "water tower" pin shape
  • Radius positioned pin arrangement
  • Directional sidewall lugging
  • Ultra-light weight scalloped tire beads